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A Letter of Appreciation

Dear Shaw House Staff,

I know sometimes it’s nice to see some appreciation for the things you do for others, so I’d like to show my appreciation. From day one of being at Shaw House, I felt comfortable because I finally had a stable and safe place to be at. Every single staff in this lovely place has helped me out in some sort of way. Whether it was with supportive help, helping me feel better, or helping me use my resources to get my life on track; it all means so much to me. Knowing there are people out there that care helps out a lot. You guys do so many amazing things for a lot of youth and it’s a wonderful thing. It makes me still have faith in humanity really. One act of kindness can go a long way. I wasn’t here for long, but Shaw House is my home and always will be. A home to me is feeling accepted somewhere and being around people that you feel safe and confortable around; and that’s what Shaw House is for me. I’m glad to have gone through this obstacle of life here, with such an amazing support system behind me.