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In 1990 a study commissioned by Bangor City Council on the issue of homeless youth found that on any given night, in the Greater Bangor Area, there were between 200 and 250 youth without a safe, permanent, night-time residence. The resulting report entitled “No Place to Go” made several recommendations. Among these was the recommendation … Continued

Mission Statement

The Shaw House Mission is to engage youth who are homeless, or at-risk of becoming homeless, in achieving stability and a viable plan for the future by providing a safe, stable environment, access to essential services, supportive adult connections, and to advocate for changes that address the needs of homeless youth.

Vision Statement

The vision of Shaw House is that all children and youth in the State of Maine have a safe place to sleep at night. Our core programs will continue to be recognized at local, State and Federal levels as best practice in the delivery of services to a transient at-risk population. These needs based programs … Continued

Philosophy and Approach

Shaw House utilizes a Positive Youth Development approach in our work with homeless and at-risk youth. This approach is identified as an evidence-based model, widely recognized as ‘best practice’ and recommended by the Administration for Children and Families nationally. Shaw House programs for youth clearly demonstrate strategies, goals and activities identified by the National Research … Continued